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1984: A Dystopian Bedtime Story 1:6 [Read by PeachyTO]

Welcome to this week's edition of 1984: A Dystopian Bedtime Story, where I read Part 1, Chapter 6 of George Orwell's Nineteen-Eight-Four for your listening pleasure. In case you missed us last week, I skipped Friday's post to honour and celebrate Orthodox Easter with my family, but I am eager to be back to present the next segment.

When we last left Winston, he'd had a bit of a shakeup after a lively lunch hour with Syme and Parsons. If you need to catch up, you can find that recording here.

Or jump in and listen to Chapter 6, the latest recording, on the YouTube and Rumble Peachy Books channels or click the corresponding embedded links below.

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Below is a post I shared with my social media followers on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram this past week, in preparation of publishing this read aloud.

The last thing a totalitarian government wants is an intelligent and curious citizenry. One could even assess that the opposite is what they desire, as they go to such great lengths to provide a lackluster education, meant more to teach children how to be obedient than to develop skilled minds capable of solving problems.

Why would we want a prodigal child or developed scholar to find out how to prevent or cure cancer when the Great pHarma can continue to make endless bank on the expensive treatments and toxic medications used to put it into remission?

Indeed, if the overlords wish to create obstacles and chaos to better control the people, they don't need some pesky keener getting in the way of their carefully laid plans.

What does that mean for our future, the anarchists who question everything, demanding reason and truth in favour of their preferred stance: nonsense and deception?

How unfairly will we be treated when fiat currency is finally dead and replaced with CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), manipulated through a digital ID dependent upon a Social Credit System monitored and strategically utilised by the powers that be?

Will they freeze our coins (or whatever they call them) because of our unacceptable views and non-compliance with their perennial list of unsafe and unjust regulations?

We must ask ourselves and others these questions before the hammer falls and we find out.


What do you think? I love comments, so feel free to share with me.


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