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1984 by George Orwell: A Dystopian Bedtime Story 2:2 [Read Aloud by PeachyTO]

Once again, welcoming you to A Dystopian Bedtime Story, where I read aloud Part 2, Chapter 2 of 1984 by George Orwell for your listening pleasure!

Sparks were flying for the first time in Winston's life, last week in Chapter 1 of Part 2. If you would like to catch up and listen to it first you can find it here. Or if you would like to start from the beginning visit the first post of the series here.

If you've been there already, jump right in and listen to Part 2, Chapter 2, the latest recording, on the YouTube and Rumble Peachy Books channels or click the corresponding embedded links below.

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Below is a post I shared with my social media followers on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram .

Quote from George Orwell's 1984, white letters on a black background...the physical difficulty of meeting was enormous. It was like trying to make a move at chess when you were already mated.

In our last reading, we learned that the courageous rebellion of falling in love is proportionate to the risk Winston takes attempting to even lay eyes on Julia, his lustful comrade in crime.

With surveillance telescreens and hidden microphones in every corner of Oceania, the culture of suspicion that prevails, and the eagerness of the brainwashed to be informants, INGSOC has kept Party members conditioned for superficial exchanges and apathetic towards their monitored isolation, the promise of the ever-watching Big Brother enough to keep them docile and compliant.

I couldn't help but envision a two-tiered society of our not-too-distant future, where family members struggle to see their relatives cast out to the fringes for not accepting the new world the globalist tyrants have on deck for our communities, fraught with unsafe medical procedures, digital IDS, and social credit systems.

Intrusive technology has already infiltrated all public (and most private) spaces. Once they have imperatively aligned all municipal services with their technocratic system, what then? It will be impossible to do anything without the watchful and totalitarian eye of the technocracy thwarting our every possible autonomous move -- checkmate.

You might think this is okay for you, and why would you care; you know how to stay on board, yeah?

To think that would require the presumption that this type of all-encompassing control will maintain in the hands of those who want the best for you and would never do anything to harm you when, sadly, it is headed straight into the hands of the devilish puppet-masters attempting to destroy your world on every front.

This absurdity that has been allowed to flourish will require immediate attention if there is to be any chance to fight back for our children's future, and time is running out.

Don't get mated; make a move for your family's future today!


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