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Freedom Fighters vs. Homegrown Hypocrites [A Peachy Books Political Comic Strip]

WARNING: Parts of this post are dripping with sarcasm and irony, and it will be on you to figure out which is which. Remember, there are no stupid questions. Godspeed!

Busy downtown Toronto street with a people crossing at a crosswalk and a Beck taxi driving by with a green Canadian Government looking sign that says Welcome to Canada and then an image of arrows going in six different directions that says: Government Overreach

Unprecedented hypocrisy was in abundance this time last year.

Medical professionals, government heads, and fellow Canadians, were either nefariously, ignorantly, or because of hubris, unwilling to recognise the injustices we were facing, so I was chomping at the bit to get them to understand.

I started experimenting with different forms of media, and with yet another attempt to get my unpopular messaging across, I tried my hand at a couple of comic strips.

It turns out comic scripting is not easy, and I've developed a respect for the art since my attempt. I may not choose it as a hobby for the future, but it was a creative and fun way to vent some of my pent-up animus, and I recommend anyone try it once, no matter the reason.

I had to experiment with something new since I was relatively certain people had stopped reading my daily personal Facebook rants.

If I'm honest, I was ineffectively coming off like a broken record which was likely annoying AF for my family and friends, and at least for that aspect, I am sorry. The compulsion to inform others of the dangers befalling us I won't apologise for, however, even if I only help one person as I irk the rest.

A large man smoking a pipe stopping at a sign pointing upwards that says Sanctioned Freedom Rally. He is holding a Ukrainian flag, and walking with a cane and his pipe has plumes of smoke rising from it. The top of the image has a red sign with white letters that says: A day in the life of a homegrown hypocrite, A Peachy Books comic strip, with a Canadian flag sticking out of the first letter A.

Click here or on the Ukraine flag to see the full Comic Strip

There's no mountain this guy wouldn't climb for his sanctioned [self]right[eous] cause du jour. Hey, it's his inherent virtuousness that makes him a good Canadian, right; someone who follows orders and doesn't question authority?

Grandpa 'No Jab, No Job' was inspired by the insufferable Canadians who chose to ride upon a high horse throughout the pan[ic]demic, shaming and blaming their fellow citizens for not complying with unscientific mandates and refusing to accept medical tyranny as a necessary measure for a virus with an abysmal mortality rate.

Be damned inalienable rights and freedoms, the WEF and Austin's Grandpa know what's best for you and your family, so roll up those sleeves indefinitely or suffer the consequences, you bad citizen! Get to doing your part for society, for the common good, as I discussed in my CBDC post, where I first shared this quote below from one of the worst totalitarians our world has known.

"The common good before the individual good." Adolf Hitler, Leader of the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers') Party

North America was to be different: free and just whilst focused on enterprise and opportunity. We prided ourselves on creativity as we built industries thanks to innovation. All of that which made us different - that my great uncle risked his life 1000 times for, as a bombardier in WWII - is being erased as we give up and let the global elites steal our futures.

"You will own nothing" means forsaking all of the above.

Good Person Checklist 2022 with a red bar that says: Only the best rate 10/10, and then check boxes beside each of the options that are as follows. -Two or more Ukraine flags on social media or car(s) - Fully vaccinated and indefinitely boosted - BLM and/or LGBTQ2 ally signage on front lawn - Disavowed the Trucker Convoy and encouraged continuance of mandates - Disavows all racist and misogynist Canadian freedom protests of any kind, anywhere - Called out and/or disowned a family member for their unacceptable views - Actively steers family away from dissenting relatives - Doesn't demand rights and freedoms (except for Ukraine) - Doesn't do research nor challenge the status quo - Denounces and seeks to abolish ALL fossil fuel usage. - Bonus points: Trusts government explicitly (except Russia's)

What was your score on the

good Canadian checklist?

Anything less than a ten will get you verbally flogged by our illustrious leader, Justin Tru[faux] - the King of ethics himself - so take your time and read twice, check once.


What a whirlwind those Ottawa Freedom Convoy weeks were! I was thrilled to finally see courageous men and women of all backgrounds standing up in unity to demand answers as to why our bodily autonomy continued to be forsaken by our corrupt government in the name of unsettled science. Sadly, all my family seemed to see were the lies emanating from the Crime Minister and his compromised legacy media.

Mandates and passports resulting in coerced medical procedures, coupled with mounting inequality due to medical status, were too much for the truckers in Canada to withstand. At their expense, they cancelled their hauls and trucked themselves to the capital to take the next step in being heard.

All that got heard was their presence, as a steady hum of horns serenaded the crowds of giddy freedom fighters shuffling along the streets around Parliament Hill. Protestors with smiles and good cheer in -25 degrees Celsius were waving their patriotic flags in the blistering wind. Life-long friendships and honest discussions were formed and fostered over hot soup and beverages provided by volunteers set up by the Convoy.

They were there on behalf of every Canadian citizen's rights and freedoms, even as they were being disparaged obsessively by the news media at the behest of Tru[dim] and his keepers.

Individuals who attended the demonstration to protect their diminishing freedoms were demonised and othered by the ignorant and dishonest, all because they had the nerve to protest human rights injustices - in their nation's capital - at the foot of Parliament - the nerve!

I watched the live feeds incessantly, searching for some form of violence, destructiveness, or disorderly conduct, and there was never any found, no matter the hour of the day. And let's face it, they would have aired nothing but that footage if anything unruly happened, just as they obsessed for months over a fully masked interloper that came in wielding a Nazi flag in the early days of the Convoy.

In their laughable hit pieces, they failed to mention that the agent provocateur was promptly escorted out by Convoy members and Veterans, vocally chastising him for his apparent hatefulness and poor taste. Hard to believe that little man was anything but a plant to bolster the PM's talking point of the protestors being racists, misogynists, transphobes, yadda, yadda...bull shit.

Left side of two columned meme shows the statue of Sir John A MacDonald doused in red paint, with the words above him saying: This statue of our first Prime Minister is defaced, and the right side shows a photo of Terry Fox holding a mandate freedom sign, wearing a  Canadian flag tied around his neck, and a grey ball cap, and holding a blue pole that outside of the photo is an upside down Canadian Flag. Above him it says: This statue of a Canadian hero is standing up to medical tyranny.

Not unlike the mass media circus they orchestrated around the apparent defacing of Terry Fox's statue.

Sanctimonious biddies were left clutching their pearls at the sight of Terry Fox holding an upside down flag, and sporting a cap and sign, as though that was some unforgiveable sin.

I can't imagine, were he alive today, he would lack the nuance or fail to recognise the necessity of medical ethics and bodily autonomy, regardless of whether the Canadian hero was raising money for scientific research when he passed. In fact, if science - which he held in high esteem - were accurately being adhered to, the protest wouldn't have had to happen in the first place, so what was that tantrum really all about?

Instead of anarchist chaos like the news channels were projecting, the multiple live feeds I was monitoring showed the nights as popup dance parties and extensive interviews with disenfranchised middle-class people the streamers would meet in their travels; the patriotic always eager to have their stories shared.

Rosie cheeked and layered up was how they fared, but that's nothing new for us up here in the Great White North. Canucks from all over this country came together in peace and with love in their hearts to stand together in solidarity with the truckers brave enough to drop everything and lead the charge, instilling hope in our lost souls for the first time in 2 years.

I will never forget that joyful day on the overpass with my son, cheering on all the truckers flying by beneath us. No amount of freezing wind was going to keep us away. I remembered what it felt like to be a part of a community, sharing hopeful words and warm smiles, once again owning what it meant to be Canadian.

My heart was breaking for not getting in my car and following those rigs to Ottawa, but the bridge was all we could muster with such short notice. I moved on, as I knew there would be plenty more to come, and there were other ways to help out.

Instead of attending one of the largest peaceful demonstrations this country has ever seen, I made good use of being stuck at home and in front of a computer.

Bug-eyed, coffee-fueled, and ecstatic to see what my fellow disrupters were pulling off, I kept a daily, real-time list of all the live feeds in one post on my old blog.

Peachy Books was pleased to offer a place for people all over the globe to access and see the truth with their own eyes, not just the lies and edited footage manipulated and put forth by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.

It was a protest that showed what I knew to be the true spirit of Canadians: unwaveringly dedicated, not giving into provocation, remaining peaceful, compassionate, and respectful, all the while maintaining their ground.

Quebecers and Ontarians, Easterners and Westerners, screaming Liberté arm-in-arm, was a desperately needed sight for sore eyes. This display of Comradery may not have existed if we didn't have a common enemy at hand, as this country, like any, has its share of historical animosity.

Unity wasn't for everyone, though, as bouncy castles, gardens, fire pits, and soup kitchens proved too much for some Ottawans, who in small numbers were taking to the streets in counter-protest against what they referred to as an invasion of THEIR city.

It often surprised me how there wasn't more scorn and accusation by these anti-convoy Canadians, pointed at the man who was ignoring the efforts to meet with the movement's leaders and consequently caused the event to carry on longer than it ever would have if he had of done his job: Just[out] Tru[don't.]

But ultimately, that is precisely why he didn't take action and try to listen to deserving Canadians; he was more than happy to drag things out so he could play the heavy. He would garner better results through the gaslighting and demeaning of the nonconformists, no tyrant worth his salt would tolerate such dissonance.

He would capitalise on making a mockery and an example of the brave people who stood up to his unlawful government, sewing division and chaos for the divide-and-conquer win.

Lastly, for the piece de la resistance, he would impose the Emergencies Act to show who's boss (whilst also sneaking through unnecessary legislation not to be reversed.)

The laws are now on the books to enforce that any contributor to a fundraising event for a group that our rulers deem unacceptable - legitimate, peaceful protestors and all - have their bank accounts frozen, just as happened to single moms, the elderly, and the average Joe during the Freedom Convoy protests. For those who may still be unaware what this behaviour by Trud[evil] is called: THIS IS TYRANNY.

If I were to hazard a guess, Xi Jinping switched to calling him medium potato that day; he did Uncle Xi proud!


Meme with 2 portions, the top is of unmarked soldiers where green gear, billy clubs, shields, and black helmets standing in formation, whilst stepping on a Canadian flag with a picture of an opened mouth Trudeau beside it and a speech bubble saying Freedom from tyranny now and a picture of a Ukrainian flag. Underneath him is a picture of the Sadaam Hussein statue being toppled in Bagdad with George Bush smiling beside it and a speech bubble that says No invasions, due process now, and a picture of a Ukrainian flag underneath his words. Overlayed in the middle of the meme it says: Fascists for Freedom

Shortly after the coward's hyperbolic invocation of that sacred act once established by his Canadian father to replace the War Measures Act, the hypocrisy from North American leaders intensified.

Canada's sock puppet made various public statements about his concern for the rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian people. Rivaling his unbelievable remarks was former US president George Bush, who unabashedly pontificated on the lack of due process in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

What does that spell? Fascists for Freedom!

You couldn't make this ish up! I was left perplexed. Were these fools wilfully obtuse or blatantly rubbing our faces in their steaming piles of doggie doo?

Trud[unce] Tweeted non-ironically and with no laughing emoji on February 24, 2022:

"Russia's actions are an affront to the democratic principles that generations of Canadians have fought to protect. We must make sure Ukrainian people - like all people - are free to determine their own future, and we must stand firmly against authoritarianism."

Imagine the audacity for such glaring sanctimony when merely ten days prior, the authoritarian ass had invoked the Emergencies Act on peaceful protestors and given orders to armed, unmarked soldiers to have non-violent citizens forcibly removed with batons and pepper spray.

Picture of the protest line where the mounted police came through and toppled an elderly lady with a red jacket who is pictured on the ground with her walker having already been trampled, and a man in a brown jacket with black pants being walked on by a horse which was headed deeper into the crowd of people clamouring to get out of the way.

It was shock and horror for the onlookers with their eyes peeled on the last days of what ended in a heated demonstration. Canadians were pushed back and prodded, trying with all their hearts to peacefully and steadfastly hold the line.

Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie was the victim of a brutal assault from a tear gas canister unleashed by one of Tru[dolt]'s unmarked attack dogs as she attempted coverage of the savage site.

And, famously, as the legacy media could not cover up that which independent media and live streamers had captured, an elderly Indigenous woman with a walker, along with some others, were trampled by mounted police.

And for the icing on the corruption cake, the Ottawa police chief tried his best to lie and misrepresent the filmed event, saying a bicycle had been thrown that spooked the horses. Total Bullshit, and speaks volumes to what they feel they can get away with, with impunity.

It was a horrifying vision and will be embedded in my psyche permanently; this was not my Canada.


Within the aftermath of their chaos and violence, there was never a shortage of hilarity from these government tools.

Nothing had me laughing louder than having George Bush weigh in on how much he disagreed with Russia invading a sovereign nation than when he made his Freudian faux pas by slipping and saying 'Iraq' instead of 'Russia' even though he was reading from a clear directive before him.

He chuckled it off and blamed his error on being 75 years old, but let's face it, he's never been very convincing. The truth, never to remain suppressed, will come out when the liar least expects it, as though deceit, like a parasite, takes on a mind of its own with no loyalty to its host.


Regardless of the fact that the medical treatment foisted upon us was insufficiently tested and not proven safe nor effective, family, friends, and neighbours were still lining up in droves to take part in the experiment, and some were resentful, spiteful, and full of hate towards those of us who refused to sign up.

The suffocating mandates were causing a two-tiered society, where people were losing their jobs, familial relations, and access to public spaces, all because they dared to put their health, and that of their families, ahead of unscientific and authoritarian measures.

It wasn't uncommon to hear a pro-mandate champion unapologetically spitting venom at the 'selfish unvaccinated' or 'knuckle-dragging science deniers' they disdainfully shared our country with while they patted themselves on the back, perched upon their mountains of virtue and unjustifiable pride.

Freedom was a word saved for Ukrainian people exclusively and denied to crybaby Canadians who ignorantly sought bodily autonomy as their God-given right.

The whole nation seemed upside down and inside out.


I've recently moved my blog from WordPress to Wix, causing me to lose all my posts and followers. Some might think this was a silly move, wiping the slate and starting again after building up whatever I had on the last site for over a year, but I think it was the right choice.

Peachy Books began in May 2020 and amassed a humble readership focused on book reviews and readings. When the Freedom Convoy rolled up in February two years later, I no longer had the heart to read anymore, with my attention redirected to politics.

William Faulkner quote that says: Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth. Above the quote is a rose and brown coloured sketch of flowers, a book, and a man holding a dying woman that says: Let not mercy and truth forsake thee.

My posting drastically changed as I used my platform to vent and spent my words on political commentary.

I won't say I regret it, but what never felt right was the highjacking of those members who had signed on for opinions on books, not corrupt politicians.

That leads us to today, where I've decided to start afresh and give people the opportunity to come on board to read my passionate thoughts on the globalist takeover underway, of their own volition, not because of a bait and switch or an about-face they didn't sign on for.

If you're still reading this, I appreciate you and treasure that you want to be here. Just like I prefer to want to be in my country and not feel like a prisoner as I did those dark years when we weren't allowed to leave or even travel on transit interprovincially, all because we wouldn't give in to their medical tyranny or succumb to their destructive gene therapy.

At least my blog readers could always unsubscribe, but not so for my family and the millions of Canadians imprisoned in their homes, left to the mercy of our deceitful and compromised leaders.

We have since regained some of our rights, as we now can hop on a plane or a train to take a vacation, but the fight is far from over; with the incoming 15-Minute Cities, Digital IDs, and Social Credit Systems, the battle has only just begun.


Did you have an opportunity to follow the Ottawa Freedom Convoy in February of 2022? Were there any demonstrations in your part of the world at that time, standing up to the lockdowns or excessive restrictions?

I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

An open field of crops growing with the sun beaming in the horizon.  Purple and pink spring flowers and bulbs are in the forefront below the Peachy Books Logo of a peach with a tan coloured circle around it with the words Books, Music, Politics of the Day, and the name Peachy books is written in white letters in the middle of the pink coloured peach. The bottom says start the season off right, subscribe at for free today! The top says happy spring one and all.

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