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Resistance Reading: Chapter 1 - Macro Reset [WEF Wednesdays]

On this, the first WEF Wednesday on Peachy Books, I'm coining the term Resistance Reading: the act of reading something when in moral or intellectual opposition to doing so, as the information is necessary and unavoidable, no matter how disturbing.

It was equally painful to purchase COVID-19: The Great Reset and its companion, The Great Narrative For A Better Future. I'm hopeful my readings will prevent a few people from forking over any more dough to these parasites.

To find out what the globalist technocracy intends to do with us, I needed to read their cherished book, and I thought there were likely a few of you that would be interested too.

You'll find the first section of Chapter 1, Macro Reset, by clicking on the video below, or if you'd like to start from the top, you can hear a reading of the Introduction and About sections recorded last year here.




left; Klaus Schwab, right; Bill Gates

Klaus Schwab, the chairperson of the World Economic Forum, wants you to know that three characteristics define today's world: interdependence, velocity, and complexity, but what he doesn't want you to know is the role that our governments, infiltrated by his Global Young Leaders, have held in manipulating these elements to lead us to our manufactured chaotic demise.

This first video on interdependence outlines the world we now find ourselves in after decades of globalisation and technological advancement fostered by [crony] capitalism.

Figure 1, on the left, details the entangled web of interconnected and overlapping risks plaguing humanity because of this evolution.

There are five macro-categories the WEF wishes to control -- huh hmm, pardon me -- that the book will share with us: economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental, and technological.

The purpose of this bold blue book's inception was to inform corporations, religious institutions, international governments, and their constituents that the medical calamity always destined to befall us had now come to fruition and that it offered the perfect opportunity to reset in these five crucial domains.

As was echoed in unison by many leaders in the West, it was time to "Build Back Better" for a sustainable future via the WEF's messianic instruction based solely on the unelected body's dire predictions.

The immediate publishing of this globalist manual a mere four months after the World Health Organization had officially declared the pandemic, coupled with the tabletop exercise Event 201, presented by the partnership of Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a couple of months before it all hit in real life, leaves a rancid taste in an honest person's mouth.


The system they are pushing is called Stakeholder Capitalism, which Schwab asserts is the perfect marriage between state socialism and shareholder capitalism, after crafting the idea for over half a century.

As his scheme will wholly benefit his cronies and the sustainability of their privileges in a resource-dwindling world, and the fact it works through operant conditioning (reward and punishment), a better-suited name would be Totalitarian Socialism, in my view.

Choice businesses, aka mega-corporations, will be held accountable through regulated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores: a corporate version of a Social Credit System. ESGs will measure an organisation's global sustainability at the behest of its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and local communities. You are welcome to include yourself in this list, but only as long as you toe the totalitarian line.

Sadly, ESG scores will be a mechanism to eradicate most corporations and small businesses and will solidify monopolised industries on a global scale.

Formulated to be unaffordable to most, inclusion in the corporate market will only be offered to those select businesses that maintain the best scores and submit to complete compliance. Herein lies the explanation for the introduction of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), SEL (Social, Emotional, Learning), and CRT (Critical Race Theory) being foisted upon workers and students across the Western world over the past decade as they indoctrinated the proletariat and laid the foundation for this deceptive and corrosive ideology.

We can start anew, they say, proffering sustainability, equity, and social justice, with ground-breaking medical and technological advancement. Echoes of UN agendas past and present bounce around our weary, propaganda-addled minds.

More accurately, they have deceptively "infiltrated zee cabinets" and are continually influencing us to blindly follow the same NGOs and corrupt institutions that botched the response to the virus they not only created but also managed to study for its purported trajectory, simultaneously doing nothing to prepare the world. Does that sound benevolent enough for you, or like the lot you want in the lead?

Their audacious proposal is a BIGGER government than the West has ever seen: a centralised collective run in a totalitarian style! A Western version of the Chinese authoritarian model that Canada's sock puppet has publicly adored in the past, whilst more recently, his favourite father of the three, Daddy Schwab, did the same on the WEF stage in Davos, even marking it as the model to follow.

Decentralisation is the direction we need to move towards, with a smaller, accountable bureaucracy, focusing on localisation and lowering unnecessary consumption. These are the realistic paths to sustainability and fairness, without imperialist wars and greedy corporations, leaving space for entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and innovation.

The only way it gets better, I guess, is if you believe the Great Reset's motto that you will own nothing and be happy.

No matter how they dress it up, this ideology will benefit a select few and enslave the rest, who will maintain no control over anything in their lives. No small businesses, personal growth, or meritocracy, just a heavily restricted subsistence under the iron thumb of those who have never proven it yet, but claim to know better.

Useless fiat money replaced by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) tied to a digital ID regulated and programmable by our overlords via Social Credit Systems is a literal dystopian nightmare, so if you were planning on waking up, now might be the time.

Schwab would have you believe it was silo thinking (individual or group mindsets) that caused so many experts to be in the dark about the 2008 Financial Crisis and that if, as the book suggests, systemic connectivity, conflation, and collectivism were instead the focus there would have been different outcomes.

Forget the crooks writing up the mortgages, the pyramid scheme that had been the financial system for decades, the corruption of the Fed and fractional reserve banking, and inflationary spending - everyday people lost everything because society didn't have an appropriate collectivist mindset.

What a load of shit. Evil is as evil does, no matter how interdependent or what the system is. Suppressed analysts and malevolent benefactors precisely knew what would happen in 2008. In actuality, negligent governments on behalf of corporations - not unlike the list associated with the WEF - left society purposely in the dark and holding the debt.

This globalist manifesto unabashedly justifies and covers up what has played out to lead us to our current cataclysmic state. With the kind of heavy-weight hubris reserved only for despots, in the same breath, they warn us of how bad it will continue to get if we don't do the right thing and accept their totalitarian socialist utopia, doing everything they say to mitigate our organic circumstances with various forms of compliance, causing a complete disintegration of our rights and freedoms. Shameless.

That said, make no mistake, there are some truths interspersed within these 250 pages, but that always was the most effective way to manipulate, interlacing duplicity with objectivity.

There's no question that the modern world has an array of crises needing attention. With increasingly disastrous weather events, excessive consumerism, overconsumption of energy, and resource deficits, one barely has a moment to spare for the unabated corruption, injustice, and global conflicts towering to never before seen levels.

But what I would postulate is that to conquer these many hurdles, we must open up a public debate, allowing all sides of every issue to have their voices heard, where every (wo)man has a say in their future, not just the scoundrels who have done a piss-poor job of handling things so far.

The greater good is NOT the goal when the end game for these self-appointed rulers is to funnel the world's wealth and resources to themselves, furthering their own sustainability, while the slave class subsists on bugs from their 15-minute ghettos.

Yes, all facets of our lives have become interconnected, for better or worse, and solutions will not be easy nor come without measures of austerity; we should all, rich or poor, be honest with ourselves and bear this uncomfortable truth.

However, should unelected elites automatically be those in charge of what system will work best for humanity moving forward? Do we not swear by democracy? Doesn't the West have a vicious history of forcing it upon others who don't? Why should we forsake it when dealing with the most impactful aspects of our future?


Metaphors about global responsibility inspired by a constructed pandemic (at least as those who acknowledge the suspect furin cleavage site in the SARS-CoV-2 spike are willing to recognise) seem like laughable propaganda.

They expected terrified readers to eat up their bullshit like Pablum, and to their delight, many proved more than willing to do so for far too long, some still munching on the stale and acrid patties three years later.

The self-righteous at the helm have thrown all five macro-categories they purport to covet into chaos with their mismanagement of the economy, Machiavellian division of society, imperialist destruction across continents, gluttonous energy pillaging, and advancement of technology at an unstoppable and existential level.

Though there are no apologies for their failings, they assure you that they intend to lay out the future equally for us all, only I can't seem to get George Orwell's classic Animal Farm quote out of my mind:

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

The technocrats are the experts! They know exactly how things are and how they will be if we do things according to their unchallenged plan, be damned world history.

Under Uncle Schwab's tutelage, your government will finally get it right; you can trust them. But it only works with YOU expelling your property, hard-earned dollars, and unquestioning allegiance to the collective, so shine up that virtuosity you cherish and get 'er done because the world is counting on you!


Do people in your circles know about the globalist takeover infiltrating Western governments for over a decade?

Which aspect of the coming reset do you find most unsettling? Let me know in the comments!


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