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Resistance Reading: Macro Reset, Chapter 1.1.2 Velocity [WEF Wednesdays]

Welcome to the second installment of Resistance Reading* on WEF Wednesdays, where we explore 1.1.2. of the globalists' Great Reset propaganda text.

Last week we read the first riveting section on Interdependence and how technological advancement and globalisation have furthered interconnectedness.

This time we focus on Velocity, the second of the three defining characteristics of today's world, as laid out by Klaus Schwab in his blue book that the World Economic Forum is using to corral us into their new world.

Watch in the coming weeks for when we uncover the technocRATS third and favourite of the troublesome trio: Complexity.


In part 2, the WEF boys don their Captain Obvious caps as they point out that our excessively fast existence has progressed due to the rapidity of technology, pontificating on how rich nations struggle with multitasking and a scarcity of time due to increased demands put upon them by quantum leaps in technological advancement.

It's as if they imply that technology created itself and that we are just victims of its grasp and trajectory.

Ha! Nah, I don't buy it.

They claim to be THE experts that we should refer to - without question nor complaint - regarding every aspect of our future, but why should we when they are unelected and hermetically connected to those same bullying institutions that have been getting it wrong consistently so far?

I wonder where their models and expertise went when the internet began usurping our time, relationships, privacy, and data, eventually culminating in the graveyard of lost souls and shameless propaganda that it is today.

There is no question in my mind that they knew, and have always known, what would lay out with technology being so immersive in our lives.

Those data were theirs for the moulding, as were we.

Why would we trust -- well, anything they say at this point, but specifically, why would we want MORE supersonic advancement, now via AI and transhumanism? Where is the proof that they know this to be the correct course for humanity, given our abysmal track record with technology? And, to be clear, because Chairman Schwab said so is not a viable answer, at least not for me.

What happened to democracy and debate? Shouldn't we be given a say, especially when there are countless people across the globe that want nothing to do with this new world of Communofascism (Communism with fascistic characteristics,

as James Lindsay of New Discourses calls it in his video Stakeholder Capitalism and the End of History), or totalitarian socialism, as I've been referring to it? Whatever you choose to name it, aren't we entitled to say no to their completely controlled hellscape?

Oddly enough, neither of these comparatively new and existential technologies, both crucial components for their Great Reset scheme, were present in this section. Given their hand in the exponential growth of velocity, wouldn't you expect them to be topical in this discussion? Somehow they've evaded this causal list.

Or do they calculate these omissions by not tarring them with a nefarious technology brush, instead leaving them as the Hail Mary, to present as the definitive answer to fixing everything, not unlike their safe and effective deadly shots for the virus they created?

Are they obtuse, deceptive, or, what's more likely, both?

I call all of it BS and a setup. Technology, undoubtedly convenient and miraculous in endless ways, was and is, first and foremost, a weapon to enslave us, its extreme velocity supercharged by the inextricable mixing of humans with computers. I will never believe that this progression has happened organically or by accident.


'The beginning of the outbreak was thought to have taken place in China sometime earlier, but the exponential global progression of the pandemic took many decision-makers and a majority of the public by surprise because we generally find it cognitively hard to grasp the significance of exponential growth.'

Most of this portion of Chapter 1 is again conditioning and propaganda. The vague mention of the outbreak happening sometime in China is hilarious. I don't know what I find more pathetic, them feeling bold enough to lie so blatantly or the people eager to ingest their piles of shite. Boldly, they emphasize humanity's inability to decipher exponential growth, implying that this cognitive deficit left everyone, including officials, lacking during the pandemic.

Reading this felt a little slimy like the writer's goal was to persuade me of my incapability and need to depend upon Uncle Schwab and his trusted team of experts.

At least they afforded us some courtesy and fired a warning shot, telling us to expect the same extreme movement with their Macro Reset, quoting Hemingway and informing us that things will happen gradually and then all at once. Every word felt like grooming, a favoured tactic of the WEF, for our new roles as a global comrades.

Again, I question where the expertise of the so-called 'experts,' paraded in front of us here in the West, was, especially in the WEF test countries run by compromised leaders like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, US, and the UK.

Those doctors, scientists, and qualified people that I was listening to were calling things accurately from the start, making corrections whenever needed, but in most cases, they were bang on. Of course, the majority of those precise and trustworthy experts were not offered a seat at the table, funny that.


The prime propaganda piece for me was their coverage of the flu and co-vid comparison many made throughout the pandemic, which they dismissed as misleading and erroneous.

They cite laissez-faire stats and then bolster them with comments about estimated and verifiable cases as though they have the final word.

Given what we know about the false positives and inefficacy of PCR testing (even as admitted by the tests creator, Kerry Mullis, who also won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) coupled with stories of case numbers inflated for increased hospital funding, I would say it is more accurately the writers of this book who are misleading and erroneous.


Eventually, it becomes clear that they suggest the populace should lower their individualist expectations due to the intersection of differing aims and responsibilities, especially for the overburdened leaders with endless important decisions and struggles (that I maintain they have manufactured).

We are being relied upon to do our part, expend more patience, and do as instructed by the technocracy because, as mere plebs, we need all the help we can get. And not just for Killer Klaus, but for humanity as a whole, we must do what they assert is right, all for the greater good.

Regardless of how they frame it, we also have crucial decisions to make for ourselves to survive the world they have laid out.

*Resistance Reading: the act of reading something when in moral or intellectual opposition to doing so, as the information is necessary and unavoidable, no matter how disturbing.


Do you ever question whether technology has been created and unleashed as a tool for tyrants? Is it merely the speed of its evolution getting out of hand, or do you think the good of it outweighs the downfall? I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section!


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