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When Everything Has Been Gamed: ACE(s) For The Win

Note: This article is a republish from February 2022 on my Peachy Books WordPress site, where it was entitled Nothing To See Here, They're Just Broken: Aces For The Win! This iteration has some minor edits, including the title.

An observational study conducted in Wales on people over eighteen and published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Open discovered that those who had suffered from childhood trauma were three times as likely to be vaccine-hesitant than those who had not.

Upon reading this news on one of our local mainstream sites - wonder of wonders - I agreed! I had come to a similar conclusion over a year ago, watching the people in my life withdraw to their various corners. As I will explain later, there are specific reasons why I believe this to be so.

I will not deny that I was slightly confused; why would the media be reporting on such data when it might elicit compassion and understanding instead of the othering that has taken centre stage on our corporate media channels since the roll out of this gene therapy?

Then something occurred to me, reporting on these conclusions was never intended to help readers understand their fellow man. The true intent was to treat those trauma sufferers as ignorant scapegoats.

“The scapegoat upon whom the sins of the people are periodically laid, may also be a human being.” James G. Frazer

I have to hand it to them, though, this is the most covert and insidious form of othering I have seen yet, and there has been a shit-tonne of it here in Canada. However, they failed to predict blaming and shaming as the old hat it is for high-scoring ACE listers.

If they expected this silly manipulation to work at convincing detractors to reconsider their deadly medical procedure, unfortunately for them, they only managed to display another example of how clueless they are.

Nothing to see here, no merit to the mistrust; they are merely broken and should take some psyche meds to fix that up, tout de suite!

The cross-sectional study showed how those with high ACE (adverse childhood experiences) scores were the most likely to respond with hesitancy towards the COVID restrictions and mistrust the mandated shots with their pervasive narrative.

Shout out to my fellow damaged souls with 10/10s. Always sweet to ace a test (pun and sarcasm intended). Given the regressive Oppression Olympics society is now so fond of, you would think we would get some respect, maybe a signed letter from PM Sock Puppet himself, but I digress.

The trauma correlation exploited by the propagandists is a convenient explanation for the anti-authoritarian ways of the emotionally disturbed unvaccinated. The implication is that we know not what we do, and it is just our troubled pasts causing us to misbehave. Leaving the conclusion that anarchism makes one part of the unfortunate class, something that an untroubled person would never emulate, like all the good Canadians who chose to do the right thing!

I decline to acknowledge being skeptical or untrusting as a flaw or a loss but instead as a win. Officials may, possibly in bad faith, portray us as damaged and, as a result, incapable of making sound decisions. But damage is not synonymous with broken.

Broken bones calcify when healing, fusing together as a callus in the fractured places. In many cases, so do survivours, rising up, amounting to more than just their troubles, and returning to thrive. Sure, there were some cracks in our formation, be we have the power to grow back fortified and able to accept the harsh realities of this often disappointing world.

No, we are not more broken than anyone else, just more experienced in the ways of abusers, and therefore we know them when we see them.

I do not accept the invalidation of lived experiences now, any more than I did when I was 11. When raised with gaslighting and manipulation - the same tactics used by our world leaders and government bodies throughout this pandemic especially - it makes you aware of what is happening and compelled to expose it.

More importantly, when you spend your childhood fending for yourself, once an adult, you have a profound and fierce desire to protect your loved ones, especially the children.

There is positivity, I now recognise, in suffering at the hands of early authorities. My formative issues have helped me to see what others less damaged have been willing to accept without question.

Many Canadians relish their training to be polite, do as their told, follow orders, and never question authority. Those who come from homes without the experiences noted in this study are eager to do so. Given their harmonious history, they feel secure that there is someone to trust at the helm. As happy as I am for these people, I now concede that this luxury comes at a price, as it can produce blinders. I appreciate my keen vision.

As someone with CPTSD, I tend to be hypervigilant and acutely aware of any danger. I've cultivated an intense instinct for spotting BS and fakery as a result. This survival skill has served me well throughout life, and as such, I do not consider these traits as pejorative nor a reason to disregard what I have to say.

With the world settling into its binary formation, both sides seem to be observing themselves as the light and accusing their perceived enemies as the dark. Why does it have to be this way?

When did we stop hearing each other? Who enjoys living in a hyper-polarised world where people retreat to their bunkers and toss grenades at members of their own families? Why do people find it easier to invalidate their neighbour if their experiences and life choices do not align?

I thought this new world was a place of liberty, where individuals were born free, entitled to their thoughts, allowed to practice their religion, and harbour the right to make whatever decisions are best for them and their families without fear of tyranny, medical or otherwise. Why did we build this modern place if only to follow deceptive leaders that try to drag us back to the past?

I have observed others I know that have suffered early childhood trauma taking the opposite approach, who are first in line to follow the unscientific, incomprehensible restrictions the government has forced upon us.

My sense is that this is because of the fight/flight/freeze response that becomes activated when we are exposed to danger.

As part of our reptilian brain, this innate reflex is present in all humans, whether mistreated as children or left unscathed. Some people layer up and fight, some flee to hide their heads in the snow, and others freeze, letting the avalanche come down on them.

We should be having an open discourse about which of these responses is the more helpful and safe for our mental health, as they are unique to every individual. All our voices deserve space in the discussion so the truth can reign supreme; that is what freedom looks like.

When our voices are suppressed, rights taken away, we no longer live in the free society that our ancestors fought so hard for us to enjoy.

No one person is more important than another, regardless of their education or wealth, no matter what the brainwashing media - bought and paid for with 600 million of our tax dollars - says at the behest of our tyrannical government.

Here is the traitorous scoundrel bragging about his purchase of the media mega phones to assist in his mind control campaign.


Gaslighting is a term adopted from a 1938 play and subsequent 1944 movie entitled Gaslight. In the popular thriller starring Ingrid Bergman, we witness a young opera singer's emotional abuse and manipulation at the hands of her new husband as he attempts to befuddle her mind and loosen her grasp on reality for his benefit.

The story takes place in the 1800s, but there is much to garner from its messaging in these modern times, given our authorities' willingness to adopt the technique when dealing with us, attempting to mould our behaviour.

Take a moment to watch this scene from the dark film to see the practice at play. Of course, if this were Canada's pathetic drama teacher playing the role, he would have included that she was racist, misogynist, homo and transphobic.

In short, shaming, belittling, gaslighting, and invalidation are tools of a tyrant. Our current Freedom Convoy is a revolution against the tyranny and lies, and should serve as a wake-up call to the once brave and rational people that make up this great land!

If we do not come together and honestly hear and discuss the views of ALL Canadians soon, the next time we need to do so, it will be in chains.


Do you see the correlation presented within the BMJ study playing out with the people in your life? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments!

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