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Political Reel Round-Up

I've been all in on making political reels for my social media pages lately and decided my blog would be the perfect place to house the roundup posts for these informative offerings.

I enjoy creating and editing videos, but I also love that you can make shareable statements and clips of information that circulate in high numbers quickly. Most of my written posts barely reach the 1K mark currently, but the reels are reaching multiple thousands right away on several different platforms.

To keep an accounting of what I've published (in case I get shut down on these sites, as I suspect could happen at any moment) and to possibly reach a larger web-wandering audience, I'll be doing a roundup post for my reels periodically. Today's entry will cover the short videos I've created and shared over the last five weeks.


Julian Assange has been an illuminating figure in modern history, playing a massive role in interrupting the public's misconceptions about the motives of our governments and the consequences of our blind loyalty to said psychopathic leadership.

In this reel, I've combined two short clips of some damning truth that Assange shares about the media's hand in operating the war money machine.


Dr. Phil was on JRE again, and he and Rogan were having a frank discussion about the lack of parental rights within the school boards' mandate to hide gender dysphoria from a vulnerable child's family, blatantly dividing children from their parents, with no technical, experiential, nor moral authority to do so.


Trudeau was twitchy (although not as dramatically as Freeland lately) and full of hot air (not unlike a Chinese spy balloon) whilst being confronted on how his government had negligently (or purposefully? 🤔 Hard to say...) ushered in Chinese Spies to the Winnipeg Microbiology lab, causing a breach and exposing sensitive information to members of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA).


Of all the videos I'm sharing today, I'd highlight this one as the most important: A powerful speech from Bret Weinstein at the Co v id Cartel hearing organised by US Senator Ron Johnson, speaking to the importance of united resistance to the technocratic oligarchy seeking to destroy Western civilization.


Who's ready to dive in and take a biological chip so the overlords will be able to keep tabs on your compliance with their future medical mandates? The same people that brought you the NOT AT ALL 'sa fe nor ef fective' M R N A gene editing treatment pedalled under the guise of a 'vac cine' for a gain of function bio-weapon/virus they created, mind you. It's also important to remember that compliance or lack thereof will be connected to a Digital ID and policed through a Social Credit System. Woo hoo, can't wait! 🥳


I love me some Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? I watch it every couple of years, or at least a few scenes from it when one of Liz Taylor's anniversaries comes around. For this year, the date of her passing had me queueing it up, and I couldn't believe a scene between George and Nick that I'd never noticed during my many subsequent viewings.


Whitney Webb is an absolute genius and has a memory like no other I've seen. I made this clip into a YouTube Short, a Facebook and Instagram Reel, and a 3-minute longer clip that also provides some resources to the viewer, for actually taking the steps to move away from Big Tech. I've decided to share the longform video in this post, but of course you can watch the whole thing on Kim Iversen's podcast on Rumble.


There is certainly no shortage of news right now, what with the increased aggression in global conflicts set to ignite WWIII, the majorly hyped solar eclipse, more celebrities exposed for their paedo phi lic and sexual deviancy, and the upcoming presidential elections in the US. It will be almost impossible to keep track of, but I suspect that's by design.

On a personal note, it wouldn't hurt to stock up (as best you can during these austere times) on at least a week's worth of extra water and food that can be prepared without electricity, as the WEF has warned us repeatedly of the grid going down due to cyber attacks, or other catastrophic black swan events they, in all of their technocratic wisdom (🙄), foresee taking place this year.

I also don't feel comfortable with their eclipse fear-mongering, as I could easily see this event as the perfect opportunity to lay out their next psyop. Besides, what's the worst that could happen: you buy some extra necessities at a lower inflation rate than six months from now, saving yourself a little dough?

You can mock this line of thinking all you want, but it won't be the responsibility of those of us who did the work to be ready for anything, to save all the silly ostriches in our midst when there's nothing for them to feed their baby birds because we'll be busy taking care of our own fledglings.

An ostrich sticking it's head in the sand of a sand dune, with a caption of some lyrcis from the INXS song, Never Tear Us Apart sung by Michale Hutchence that says: Cause we all have wings but some of us don't now why.

I hope you've gotten some value from this

Political Reel Round-up!

Good luck and Godspeed!

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