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Two Evolutionary Biologists I Trust Wrote A Book [A Quote Collection]

A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide To The 21st Century: Evolution And The Challenges Of Modern Life

There will be some people who when I think of them will automatically invoke the pandemic crazies, that eerie feeling that clung to me throughout the first two years of the sordid mess. I paced the backyard endlessly, listening to hours of podcasts, desperately trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Bret Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, are on the short list of people I had spent those two years with faithfully.

Thankfully it didn't take long for me to recognise that the hyperbolic nonsense we were being bombarded with 24/7 by mainstream news channels was claptrap. I instinctually turned the propaganda machine off for good two months in.

It was also then that I took a social media break and dove in head first to try and find all the international data I could. In my inter-web travels, I came across countless highly respected scientists, specialised doctors, and experts that were sounding a bull horn on what was happening, many who stood to gain nothing from opposing the big lies asserted and were having their careers ripped away from them, just because they were brave enough to speak out.

Sadly, I had to lose some family and friends because I chose not to believe the official narrative that this novel virus had zoonotic origins out of a Wuhan wet market. It was always so strange to me that others were able to gloss over the fact that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was quite literally down the street from said market, and that coincidentally, in one of their labs a collaboration between China and the US was underway, performing gain of function research on viruses just like the corona virus in question.

I mean, you got to be kidding me!

It doesn't take an evolutionary biologist to figure this ish out does it? No, no, really, get the fuck outta' here! Apparently, that is indeed what it takes, but not all evolutionary biologists, mind you.

Bret and another scientist who shares a spot in my COVID YouTube family tree, Chris Martenson, both were making waves about the suspicious furin cleavage site in the SARS-COV-2 spike protein from the start.

It was blowing their minds, and mine by extension, that no other scientists seemed to be concerned, given this would make it near impossible to have come from bat soup or a pangolin.

With all of the pronounced corruption at hand, and a real fear of losing someone I love to their virus, this whilst being stuck at home with a rambunctious young child, I'm not quite sure how I managed not to completely breakdown. I came damn close on a few occasions. Most people I have spoken with candidly about those years say that they sparred heavily with themselves to make it through, everyone in their own ways, with their own varying battle scars to prove it.

The only thing that kept me feeling there was hope, that trustworthiness wasn't dead, was listening to podcasts like Heather and Bret's The Darkhorse Duo.


I was excited to have received their long-awaited book after having learned so much about them over the years. I became an instant fan of the couple when I heard of the trouble they encountered at Evergreen State University, which saw them standing up to an anti-whiteness day playing out at the institution of higher learning, where they were asked not to attend campus on a specific day, solely because of their skin colour. The activists expected them and all other caucasian faculty and students to stay home so as to facilitate a day for people of colour to be free from whites. Nothing says grieving historical oppression like oppressing others in the here and now!

That fateful day at Evergreen wasn't the first display of integrity by Bret (likely not by Heather either, haha, I'm just unaware of an example right now), as he had a history of challenging big pharma and the state of modern medicine, long before it was fashionable. The medical and pharmaceutical companies had attempted to silence him before, and by most accounts succeeded, after he tried to publish a paper on his findings surrounding the length of telomeres in mice used when conducting experimentation for all human drugs.

No biggie, just a truth that could collapse the entire pharmaceutical market.

The man is a beast who has lost everything for truth more than twice, and his stance on the pandemic and the abysmal response from our leaders, is another offering of his shining example of superior ethics.

I'm in passionate agreement with this sentiment that exposes the necessity of grit and determination in the face of adversity and the unknown. For us to continue to evolve, we must never cease pushing ourselves, solemnly resisting the forces in nature that strive to produce the opposite result. Bret and his arduous path seemingly embody this apt quote.


Gaslighting and planned obsolescence are the main devious themes of these modern times, in my view, and for them to be effective, our society is kept insecure and dependent on that which seeks its destruction.


In order to trust that someone is truly an authority on something, we must insist on data, transparency, and humility as a standard, never just accepting explanations on face value.

When has the state, pharmaceutical companies, or the medical community ever given us a reason to do so?

After spending a few years as a court stenographer, I can assure you it is shocking how ill-informed and reckless these entities can be and how dearly citizens have paid the price.

My trust for Bret and Heather has developed with time. Their willingness to immediately correct anything they've said that has turned out to be false is one of the traits that has solidified my loyalty and is something unseen by any of the previously mentioned 'authorities' or mainstream media outlets.


Emotions and moods are the most fundamental of human experiences, not to be shamed nor denied but instead processed and appreciated for what they tell us about ourselves.

In a society so quick to accept a prescription, it's refreshing to think of people finding other means to mental health and wellness with acceptance and compassion for their dark parts.

Imagine if we were encouraged by our doctors to take our health into our own hands and chose active living, eating nourishing foods, and feeding our spirits instead of taking a never ending regiment of tablets that will chemically alter our brains and deplete our souls. And yes, I understand and concede that some forms of mental illness require medication, like schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. However, this fact does not represent the vast majority of people on psych meds, an untenable percentage of the population who are on a steady course of anti-depressants and benzos to make it through the day, keeping big daddy pharma's pockets nice and thick.

People deserve the freedom to make their own health choices, not to be coerced or forced to take medications that could harm them in a hundred more ways than that which ails them; the Nuremberg Code, human rights, and just plain sensibility say so.

That was the point of all the freedom protests that broke out worldwide in the beginning of 2022 and over the past few years, as those brave citizens of this extensive earth were unwilling to hand over their personal sovereignty via tyrannical health care and lockdowns.

Interesting how the media loved to frame the protestors as right wingers, and 'anti-vaxxers', in an attempt to belittle and disparage their valiant effort and important message, no matter which protest you observed.

What some considered a 'small fringe minority,' as they were told to see it by those legacy news channels that they followed with religiosity, others willing to look past their borders saw a global movement railing against medical tyranny for a virus becoming increasingly less deadly with each varying mutation, changing at what I can only imagine Pfizer would say is the "speed of science." 😂


In this clip from the DarkHorse Duo podcast #115 from February 13th, 2022, Bret and Heather discuss the anti-mandate trucker convoy which was taking place in Canada's capital city at that time, and how the anti-scientific push to enforce the ineffective medical procedure was creating a two-tier society which we found ourselves in throughout the medical disaster.


Science, data, truth and the bravery to speak it to power in the face of a vitriolic mob, makes Bret and Heather heroes of those crazy times. Without their sense-making and calming presentation, the dark years we endured would have seemed a lot longer for me. So, for this comfort that they have no idea they afforded me, I owe them vehement thanks, and I'm hopeful my appreciation is felt through my words of reverence to them in this blog post.

The Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century was written prior to COVID setting in, vaccine chapter and all, so don't get it expecting commentary on the chaos of the pandemic or their anti-narrative views surrounding it, instead check out Bret's podcast: The Dark Horse, or their Dark Horse Duo offering for that. The book is, however, fascinating, complex, endearing, and fun, and will hold a spot on my bookshelf for at least the rest of the days I'll be around for this nearly ending 21st Century.

Did you know of Bret Weinstein, before or after the COVID madness, or at all?

Who were some of the authorities or experts you trusted throughout the pandemic?



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