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A Poem in Rebellion

The above quote inspired me to write this poem in rebellion of the RATS attempting to clean house.

An Existential Lot

People, you say?


They've lost their right to be.

Call them what they really are:

Plagued-ridden technocRATS,

with gilded fleas.

The privileged hawks are circling,

Diving in for the kill,

Atrociously ensnaring plebs for their

Centralised New World of ill.

For those who do survive betwixt

Carbon tax, climate lockdowns, boiling-hot,

You'll beg for the 'transhumanist utopia' play

Forfeit everything you've got.

Eat Zee Bugs to allay your uselessness,

Sign up for UBI and CBDCs,

Accept your Digital ID and Social Credit System,

Take an m R n a vaxxx for each new disease.

And if times get too dark, my dear,

Say that shot you got was hot?

That's okay, not to fear,

We have MAiD for that here,

They'll rush in to clean out your spot.

Otherwise, it's easy with nothing to own,

Just log in to the Metaverse

And meet your new clone!

Formatted futures with forlorn stares,

DEI, to make sure it all ends fair.

Individuality forsaken,

collectivists unite!

Be one with zee order,

sync up for the might.

A global stakeholder, they say,

sovereignty free.

A happy automaton existing in 


Or not.

Maybe it's time we say NO.

United we stand, friend or foe,

Tribes banding together to stop the show?

Exit their rigged systems,

Head out of the fray.

Build minimalist communities,

Learn to barter and trade.

Rid yourself of deathly vices,

Live healthy, and eat clean.

Mind your spirit, work hard and focus,

See others and be seen.


It's time to fight!


Don't let the moment pass,

Dear friend,

There is nothing else to choose.



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