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Reeling From The Absurdity: Three Cheers for the European Farmers

Quote From G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island: Knowledge by itself is not power, but it holds the potential for power if we use it as a guide for action. Truth Will always be defeated by tyranny unless the people are willing to step forward and put their lives into the battle. The future belongs, not to ideas, but to people who act on those ideas.

Good day, friend! It's been a bit since I've posted here. I spend most of my online time on Zuckerberg's platform, hopeful I'll reach people unaware of what is happening in our world. It may be the wrong technique, as progress moves like molasses, but I'm not feeling the other platforms enough to spend the time necessary to nurture the community.

Actually, I'm not good about that on any platforms, if I'm honest. I am now homeschooling my son, plus creating all the media for daily posting on Peachy Books, as well as another page of mine, so there are no hours left to schmooze with readers, at least not adequately.

That said, I think networking is imperative, and now more than ever. Like-minded folks need to come together to brainstorm and create parallel systems independent of the psychopaths running the show. That's what I'll be focussing on, anyway, whilst continuing to try and inform the people lest they be left cold and hungry.

I know most have no desire to listen, and that's fine. As per usual, people have the choice to unfriend, mute me, or use me as the butt of their jokes; I don't care. My conscience will never allow me to stop informing others as long as there is a single soul to tell, and there are endless amounts of those.

I'll continue to share roundup-style posts on Peachy Books, compiling the reels and memes I have been creating. I hope to pick up where I left off with 1984, as well, and no later than March, so stay tuned for that!

If you're reading this, I appreciate you.

Here are the reels created and shared on my social media platforms over the last month! Join me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X!

Watching the European farmers rise together has been delicious foreplay as we await the assigned fate of net zero policies and the pedalled insect du jour from the unelected globalists bent on our destruction.


One small highlight from a great interview between Bret Weinstein and Tucker Carlson. 'Fearless and fighting' is what it should read on Weinstein's tombstone one day, after all of the battles he continues to defend for truth.


Gain of function research is the deadly game that the technocrats are playing to further their goals for control needed to implement their reset. We are under attack, and this is genocide.


I can't even stand to see this man speak, let alone gaslight the Emergency Inquiry with made-up stories of a 'grandmother getting run over by a truck'. Was he rubbing in Canadians' faces the disgusting display of mounted police at his behest tearing through a peaceful protest during the freedom convoy, thereby crushing a grandmother to the ground? Evil or stupid are the two options I'm coming up with, and quite frankly, I think it's a healthy dose of both.


I send cheers of solidarity to the European farmers for having the salt to stand up and say NO MORE as a group, making a killer impact on the deceptive narrative pushed by the mainstream.

Watching this courageous display has given me flashbacks to the trucker convoy two years ago. At the same time this movement gains momentum, the Canadian legal system has found the 2022 convoy was not worthy of the tyrannical invocation of the Emergencies Act, leaving yet another dark stain on the record of this outrageous and traitorous prime minister.


All of it is absurd. The fact that we have to protest for basic human rights like bodily autonomy - when they are creating the disease and the 'cure' - or against inhumane and unscientific environmental regulations, which are coincidentally leaving the globalists as the only ones owning and controlling the food supply, be damned the families destroyed or the people starved? Absolute absurdity. So I'm just going to keep making things like reels to make sure others are seeing this shit for what it really is.

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