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Welcome to Peachy Books!

New Site, Just Right: Third Time's a Charm

Here's to another shot at blogging, my third iteration. 🥂

I like to think of the others as my test runs, where I attempted to figure out how things worked and what I wanted out of a website.

This version of Peachy Books will be the most authentic of the bunch, as I unabashedly focus on political and current affairs, with a smattering of history for good measure.

And because I always opt to be entertained, I'll accentuate my worldview-gilded messaging with accompanying books, music, and art I enjoy.

With a decades-old interest in the culture wars and the frigid divide piercing the west, I don't shy away from taboo or uncomfortable conversations. Quite the opposite, I encourage them, because as the remarkable Robert Frost so rightly said,

"The best way out is always through."

There are loads of differing opinions as to which is the proper way to live this one life of ours - left/right, religious/secular, for/against bodily autonomy - yet who are you or I to decide for someone else?

We should be able to talk these ideas through and make a good-faith attempt to learn how to live together amicably instead of fleeing to our isolationist corners or, worse, opposing echo chambers.

I'm standing up for a world where people have the freedom to choose what religion they want to observe, if one at all, love who they want to love, and of equal importance, decide what they might put inside or have taken out of their bodies. Of course, these are not topics to be taken lightly when you factor in laws, regulation, and moral quandary, hence the need for compassion, patience, and a finely tuned ear.

Peachy Books is a place of tolerance, hosting candid discussions about how to bridge the divide that seeks to destroy us, whilst helping us to recognise how important it is for the 99% of people to come together if we will have any hope of making it work on this planet, in the face of the globalist takeover threatening to hurtle us into a totalitarian socialist nightmare.

I've recently begun recording a reading of 1984 by George Orwell, so look for that shortly. Or, if you're interested in checking out some of my previous work in the meantime, you're welcome to visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I've posted some videos of my reviews and excerpts from other books of interest.

I also encourage you to signup with your email to Peachy Books in the sidebar and join my social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be alerted of future content, some of which will be specific to the given platforms.

Looking forward to sharing ideas, encouraging healthy development, and helping keep friends, family, and citizens connected and informed.

Please introduce yourself in the comments, and let me know which book holds top spot on your shelf!


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